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Penduline is an Egyptian brand that makes 100% natural products for kids' hair and skin of all ages. All of our products are free from any chemicals or preservatives so it so safe for your kids and it also provides many benefits for their skin and hair

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Penduline Hair Mask works mainly on hair moisturizing and used on weekly basis while Penduline hair creams are mainly styling & leave-in products can manage hair frizziness and give it the shiny look by using on daily basis.

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Children skin spots treatment

Does your son suffer from skin patches that look like burns? Do these spots appear from time to time without knowing the reason?! In this article, the Semak medical team provides you with everything you need to know about the causes of these spots and the best ways to treat them

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The danger of your baby sleeping while breastfeeding

Despite the many benefits of breastfeeding for both the mother and the baby, it can present an inescapable risk if your baby is used to sleeping while feeding. In this article, Simac doctors will inform you about the danger of your child sleeping during breastfeeding, the reasons for the child to this habit, and how to help your child get rid of the habit of sleeping while breastfeeding.

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The causes of frizzy hair and how to treat it

There are many causes of hair frizz, due to the many factors affecting its condition, such as the health and nature of the hair, as well as humidity and dry climate. Since most of the hair is not naturally smooth, but wavy to different degrees, with the use of hair products suitable for its nature and that do not contain harmful substances, you can control the problem of hair frizz, which Semak doctors tell you about its causes and treatment in the coming lines.

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